Inheritance is an RPG game that involves a sheltered princess named Abigail. She discovers the truth about her corrupt father, the king as she attempts to escape the castle she is lost in. In the process, Abigail learns that their land is in chaos and rebels are planning their attacks. She eventually comes to side with the rebels as she slowly learns the hidden secrets of her kingdom.


How do you move the avatar?
You can move your avatar with the keyboard arrows.

What can I do with my avatar?
You can interact with objects by pressing [ENTER]. This will cause certain events to happen. Some trigger dialogue events, others reveal certain objects in the castle, and so on.

Can I save my game progress?
Unfortunately, you can’t.


What inspired the creators to make this game?
We frequently play RPG games, and decided to create one of our own to have the “insider” experience!

What struggles did the creators have while making this game with our teammates?
We struggled with controlling the gravity of the game, as well as collaborating in real time with the code we write. Not only that, but we wanted a more plot centered game, but that was not possible with the limited time and experience with Phaser that we have.